Careful Handling


You don’t have “stuff” you have prized possessions and personal effects

OK, so maybe you have some stuff.  But you also have antiques, heirloom furniture, artwork, mementos, souvenirs, and prized possessions.

And that’s why Bayshore has custom crate makers and highly trained professional packers on staff — to make sure YOUR prized possessions and personal effects make the long distance trip and show up safe and sound in your new home.

This is one reason why people who have actual museum-grade artifacts (like Picasso paintings, Rodin statues, and Stradivari violins) call us to carefully pack, ship, or store them.

So you can hire someone to move your stuff — and expect it to get treated like “stuff” during the move.  Or you can hire a professional moving company like Bayshore and have your goods treated like the prized possessions they are.


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