Bayshore Safety & Awards

  • Bayshore is a family owned & operated company with 3rd and 4th generations owning/running the business along with a GREAT TEAM of professionals.
  • Linda L. Piazza (President and majority owner), Ralph Piazza & "THE BOYS" - Andy and Matt Larmore

1920 - Great Grand-Mother Larmore started W. A. Larmore & Son Moving and Storage.
1966 - Linda L. Piazza (formerly Larmore) & W. A. Larmore III purchase the company.
1973 - Linda L. Piazza opens Bayshore Transportation System, Inc as a division of Larmore Moving Systems.
1975 - Linda L. Piazza and W. A. Larmore separate and split Bayshore away from Larmore - Linda L. Piazza is the owner and President of Bayshore.
1979 - Bayshore Moving & Storage becomes an agent for ALLIED VAN LINES.
1986 - Linda L. Piazza & Ralph E. Piazza build a state of the art Household Goods warehouse (52,500 sq. feet) in Newark, DE.
1993 - Linda L. Piazza is named the Small Business Person of the Year.
1997 - Bayshore opens up a full service facility in Woodbridge, VA.
1999 - Bayshore is named Allied Van Lines' AGENT OF THE YEAR.
2000 - Linda L. Piazza is named Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year.
2001 - Bayshore earns Allied's Quality Agent of the Year.
2005 - Bayshore acquired 2nd State of the art storage facility in Newark, DE (50,000 sq. feet).
2009 - Bayshore voted by the agents as the Better Together Agent of the Year.
2013 - Bayshore acquired 3rd State of the art storage facility in Newark , DE - now over 200,000 sq. feet in Delaware.
2013 - SHOREVIEW MOVING & STORAGE is Formed - Along with moving from Woodbridge, VA to Dulles, VA to a state of the Art Facility (65,000 sq. feet) - Bayshore owns and operates both Bayshore Allied Van Lines & ShoreView NorthAmerican Van Lines.
2015 - Bayshore voted by the agents as AGENT OF THE YEAR.
2016 - Bayshore earns Corporate Mover of the Year from Allied Van Lines.

1996 - Current - Allied began the Gallup survey for post move surveys in 1996 and Ba00yshore is only 1 of 7 agents to earn the EXCELLENT RATING for every ¼ since the program began (out of over 350 agents)

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2020 - 100 YEARS OF SERVICE!