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Bayshore Moving & Storage Bayshore Moving & Storage

Hi Everyone,

Move went well today. Very nice team that you sent. Very pleased!

Thank you,


Bayshore Moving & Storage Bayshore Moving & Storage

Hi Laurie!

The pay portal option was great and that is completed. Thanks again for all the help. I’ve moved more times than I care to count but Judy and I agree that the quality of service from Bayshore was exceptional in our experience. We couldn’t be more pleased. Please pass along our thanks to Mark as well for steering us in the right direction.

Bayshore Moving & Storage Bayshore Moving & Storage

We moved to an apartment to wait for our new house to be built. Consequently, we won’t be unpacking a lot of things within the three month time period. I think our movers were pretty careful, but I won’t know if there is any damage for about 6 months. The men who moved us were very good. They were very careful and very pleasant. We were very pleased with our move. Thank you.

Bayshore Moving & Storage Bayshore Moving & Storage

We want to thank Rosa, Delia and Marvin for an outstanding job packing our home today in Fairfax.

Very professional, courteous and efficient in service. Thanks!

Bayshore Moving & Storage Bayshore Moving & Storage

I am a repeat Bayshore customer - the firm has handled all 3 of my moves since I moved to the East Coast. I wanted to write a quick note to you say thank you and recognize the awesome team that you have.

Moves are very stressful as is. To compound it, our home purchase fell through right on the day we were closing our new home and selling our old home. Debbie was wonderful in managing the move of all our stuff to storage instead of the home we were going to buy. Since we didn't have any of our stuff with us and were going to be out for a couple of months, she worked with your warehouse team to get us in and take out stuff we needed for the new few months. The team at the warehouse was very helpful too, making it easy for us to get in and out quickly.

We found our new home and your team was moving stuff in when I got a call about a family emergency in India - and flew out right as they started unloading. They worked with my wife and friends to get us settled in quickly so that she could follow us to to India quickly.

Through all this, the Bayshore team stood by us and was a great support. Right from Bill to Debbie to all the people who worked with us on the loading/ unloading and settling in - big thank you to all of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Bayshore Moving & Storage Bayshore Moving & Storage

Dear Mr. Larmore,

I recently had an international move to Australia (Bond Reg# 2972391) coordinated by ShoreView North American.  Bob Reigstad handled this move and I could not have been more pleased.  All the paperwork required for an international move was spot on.  His direction and information were accurate and timely. He also had email conversations with my daughter in Australia and assisted her with her part of the paperwork.  All the questions that we asked were answered promptly.  

When I was having trouble tracking the shipment once it left the US he referred me to Christine Barloga who stayed with me until the shipment was delivered to my daughter in Melbourne, Australia.  

The furniture shipment was seamless from the time that the gentlemen, Matt and Mark packed and loaded the furniture to the unloading and unpacking in Melbourne.  Matt and Mark were excellent, careful, curteous, and efficient.  

With such an excellent group of employees, it is no wonder that I am so impressed with the move.  

Kudos to Bob Reigstadt and your company...

Bayshore Moving & Storage Bayshore Moving & Storage

Dear Debbie & Keri,

Thank you for checking in.

The furniture was delivered to our son & daughter in law in O'Fallon, IL and all set up & moved in on Sunday and one glass tabletop was uncrated by the pre-arranged separate company today.

I believe everything is completed.

Please feel free to send me a survey as I will give everyone my highest marks!

Thank you very much for your excellent and timely services. 

Bayshore Moving & Storage Bayshore Moving & Storage

Good morning, Joannie!  I did want to let you know that Thursday was almost like Christmas.  As I started unpacking, I played a shuffle of music on my ipod and a Christmas song actually came on!  LOL 

All boxes are unpacked….although not completely put away but I’m getting close!  Thank goodness for my friend from Nashville that came in….she was like the Energizer Bunny!!! 

I did want to ask if your company picks up the empty boxes and/or packing paper?  If not, do you have any suggestions on how to get rid of them?  My garage is full of them right now! 

Again, thank you for all of your help!  I don’t foresee a move in my near future but if I do move again, I hope my company sources your organization to conduct it! 

Take care!

Bayshore Moving & Storage Bayshore Moving & Storage

Outstanding! Bayshore is the best. My second move with them and they are first class. My crew included David (the driver), Adam, Milton and Glen. They worked hard and took great care. Thank you guys!

Bayshore Moving & Storage Bayshore Moving & Storage

The role they played in our move went perfectly. From price estimate to picking up and packing the stuff, there were no headaches.

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