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Senior Moving Solutions With Compassion & Care


The process of moving a senior or elderly loved one can be a challenging time and often involves many complex issues not normally experienced by younger people. In most cases, seniors have lived in the same place for many years and accumulated many belongings. There can also be an emotional impact on an older person when faced with the reality of making such a big life change.

Bayshore Moving & Storage is a multi-generational family owned business that understands how important it is to take care of loved ones in need. For more than 100 years, we have served our community with the finest moving & storage services in the industry. We are ready to help you with all of your older family members’ moving needs.

Helping Seniors Move

Our crew of friendly and courteous movers are specially trained in the area of senior relocations. No matter whether your loved one is moving to the next town or across the country, you can depend on Bayshore Moving & Storage to be there every step of the way. Over the years, we have developed a proven strategy that breaks the senior moving process down into sequential steps that will ensure a smooth and seamless experience.

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Our Process

Here are the steps we take in preparation to manage your senior or elderly loved one’s moving project.

  • Planning – We will start with an in-home assessment, which gives us an opportunity to develop a tailor made strategy to address your loved one’s unique needs.  From there, we create a moving and timeline checklist. We can also help measure furniture and sketch out a plan for where pieces will go in the new home.
  • Organizing Activities/Decluttering – Many families see moving as a good opportunity to discard belongings that are no longer needed or wanted.  Our team of professionals can help you in the process of determining which items will be coming with your loved one, as well as those that will not be taken.
  • Packing – Once the organizational phase of the project is complete, we will carefully pack up your loved one’s belongings, using the best materials available. You can be assured that every precaution is taken to protect your family’s valuable and sentimental possessions. Every box and crate will be clearly labeled for easy unpacking upon arrival at the new residence.
  • Moving Day - When moving day arrives, our crew will gently and efficiently load our moving trucks in preparation for transport.

Senior Moving Services

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Moving a senior or elderly loved one can be a multi-faceted process and should be done with the utmost attention being given to compassion, caring and efficiency. For nearly a century, the highly experienced movers at Bayshore Moving & Storage have operated our business upon the timeless principles of honesty, integrity and providing value to our customers.

When the time comes to move your senior family member, you can count on us to make it a stress free experience. Contact us today to learn more about why so many families have chosen us to be their relocation partner.